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Merry Christmas 2016

Brian Slominski

To insure that I am on Santa's "nice" list I have lowered prices on every single heat pack we sell. I was also able to change shipping rates. Now all orders over $35 should ship for free. It is a weight based calculation so I may still need to iron out some details. If you find you are being asked to pay shipping on a larger order please contact me.

Just a reminder that SH35 hand warmers are the hottest stocking stuffers.

Medical kits are our most popular seasonal item.

If you would like a personal note dropped in your order for a gift let me know. I am happy to accommodate. Orders are still on track to arrive on time. Most orders are being processed same day.

Merry Christmas

Brian Slominski

Merry Christmas from Snap Heat

What a wonderful time of the year. Warm up your holiday season with some heat packs from Snap Heat. There's nothing better than our SH35 Instant, Portable, Reusable Hand Warmers to stuff your stockings.

Holidays a pain in the neck? Grab our Medical Set that includes our famous SH618 Neck and Shoulder unit. Melt away the stress instantly.

All effort is being made to get orders to the post office to arrive by Christmas, however we are noticing delays and packages are not being delivered in the normal 2-3 day window.

New Website :-)

Brian Slominski

Welcome to the new website for Snap Heat. I greatly appreciate all our previous customers that put their trust in us and ordered from our old homemade site. Our new site is optimized for mobile phones. Tracking information will now be available for all orders. More features will be coming soon. Please let me know if you have any feedback. Warmest regards, Brian